Translating Officiating Data Into Actionable Performance Insights

cWhat is the true cost of not understanding how Officiating is impacting performance?

Narratives carried forth about how a player is performing and how he is officiated, do not always connect factually.  Integrating the Third Side View serves to accelerate the translation of officiating analytics & intelligence into embodied insights.  

Notice the Now™ sessions are designed to collaborate with players and members of the Coaching staff to help with the officiating relationship and bring forth an authentic performance strategy.    

We ensure the storytelling used when analyzing overall performance, combined with officiating performance insights, becomes the truth-telling needed to collectively design custom practices for immediate use in a player’s individual development training regimen.

All practices are designed to enhance the playing-performance advantage tactically and intentionally. 

To Learn More About How Officiating Is Impacting Your Team’s Performance, Contact Third Side Coaching.

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